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What are the benefits of bodywork polishing?

The car will look like new again

Bodywork polishing restores the properties of the paint coat, renewing the saturation, hue and rich lustre of the paintwork. After polishing, the car looks fresh, as if it just left the showroom.

Removing scratches and scuff marks

Scratches and scuff marks are bound to appear on the body of the vehicle sooner or later during use. These defects impair the overall look of the vehicle, collect dirt and may cause corrosion. Polishing can remove even very deep scratches, and avoid having to repaint the entire body panel because of one damaged spot

Tidying up the bodywork after winter

During winter, the bodywork is exposed to salt and other road treatment agents. The bodywork can be accidentally damaged while cleaning snow.

Preparing the car for sale

It is worth having the bodywork polished before selling, because it will make the car look like new again and increase your chances of selling it at a higher price. A clean, well-maintained car positively stands out for the potential buyer.

The paintwork of vehicles is most often affected by:

Automatic car washes (scratches from brushes
Scuffs and deep scratches (impacts by doors, branches, etc.)
Stains from bird droppings (destroying the top lacquer layer)
Spots from tree (resin and other sticky substances)
Bitumen (sticking during roadworks)
Brake dust (deposited while braking)
Salt and other reactive substances (deposited as grime and smudges)
Cleaning snow with a brush (scratches from the brush)

Has the paintwork of your car been damaged because of any of these or other reasons?

Book a free consultation, during which our experts will inspect your car and offer you a quote and completion time.

Stages of the process

Washing the car
Thorough washing of the bodywork and all recesses
Bodywork preparation
Removing bitumen, brake dust and other deposits from the bodywork using special clay. Removing marks.
Taping and degreasing
Taping of rubber and plastic parts to avoid damage during polishing. Degreasing the bodywork after clay cleaning.
Bodywork polishing in several steps
Step one: removing deep scratches and restoring the lustre and saturation of the colour. Step two: correcting, removing moderate scratches and smoothing out the paintwork. Step three: finishing, removing holograms and increasing the lustre.
A protective coat is applied after polishing
Polymer wax
Nano coating
Ceramic coating
The protective coating will help maintain the effect of polishing for an extended period of time and make subsequent maintenance easier. The polymer wax and nano-coating is applied using a power tool. The ceramic is applied by hand, carefully buffing every millimetre of the bodywork.
! Ceramic is the most reliable and modern method for protecting the paintwork of your car.

How we do it:

Why do car owners choose Baltic Detailing?

We work 7 days a week

Due to high demand for bodywork polishing, our craftsmen work seven days a week. We usually have a waiting list of 1-2 weeks, so it is highly advised to book an appointment in advance.

We have more than 7 years of experience

During this time, we have detailed more than 1000 vehicles and all our experts have been certified by the leading German chemicals brand Koch Chemie. We love what we do, and it will be our pleasure to polish your car.

Professional insurance

We have professional liability insurance. This means that in the unlikely event of your car getting damaged, the insurer will compensate the damages. That said, we have had no such cases in 7 years.

Interest-free installment loan

Noformējot kredītu sadarbībā ar Incredit 300€ uz 10 mēnešiem ikmēneša maksājums ir 30€, kopā atmaksai 300€. Aizņēmuma likme 0%, GPL 0%.

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It is usually necessary to book 1-2 weeks in advance: customers are prepared to wait knowing that we perform our work to a high standard of quality.

Book your polishing appointment in advance and avoid an unnecessary wait! But first, take your car for a free inspection, where our expert will evaluate the condition of the paintwork and estimate the cost and time required.

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